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AADES regularly hosts webinars to provide professional learning and insight into practices across all AADES jurisdictions. Upcoming webinars are advertised through the AADES newsletter. Recordings of the webinars can be found on this page.
Mapping the AITSL Standards to the Real Work of Distance Educators - School of Isolated and Distance Education Western Australia
How do distance education teachers meet the AITSL standards? SIDE’s Online Teaching and Learning capabilities have been mapped against the AITSL standards to provide a comprehensive overview of what we do as educators working in multifaceted technological education environments. SIDE has produced an interactive online map which demonstrates how distance education teachers working in complex online teaching contexts can meet and demonstrate the AITSL standards.
Supporting Early Career Teachers through Practice Focused Mentoring - Open Access College South Australia
This interactive session will take participants through a lesson observation process used at Open Access College to develop teacher practice. The process combines use of a standard observation tool with the AITSL classroom practice continuum. Effective professional learning structures that support Early Career Teachers in a distance setting will be discussed.