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AADES regularly hosts webinars to provide professional learning and insight into practices across all AADES jurisdictions. Information about upcoming webinars and recordings of previous webinars can be found via the links below.
The Surprising Truth About What Really Motivates Us
This Webinar, ‘The Surprising Truth About What Really Motivates Us’, looked closely at the current climate of change in education. Using longitudinal research on employee motivation, the webinar examined three factors identified by the research in relation to the context of schools, teachers and leaders. Participants were invited to discuss their own experiences and observations around staff morale and motivation and consider potential obstacles in their practices and possible ways to overcome them.
NTSDE’s Online Learning Program for Senior Secondary Students
This presentation focused on the development of NTSDE’s Online Learning Program for Senior Secondary Students. The webinar covered current processes being undertaken by staff to develop a coherent learning program for students that utilises integrated learning technologies, a whole school LMS template and Visible Learning pedagogy.
Instructional Videos Instructional Videos for Year 12 Mathematics using CAS Technology
Neale Woods of the Distance Education Centre Victoria demonstrates a series of parallel Computer Algebra System (CAS) instructional videos, screen captures and document downloads he has created using the TI-Nspire CAS, Casio Classpad and Mathematica technologies. Neale also demonstrates the techniques he uses in structuring and creating the videos.